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Mosques of Istanbul


Sultanahmet (The Blue Mosque)

Suleymaniye (the Magnificent)

Mosque of Eyup

Fatih (the Conqueror)

Yeni Cami (New Mosque)

Ortakoy mosque

Beyazit complex

Dolmabahce mosque

Zeyrek mosque

Other mosques

Other interesting mosques in the city are: Nuruosmaniye, Mihrimah, Arap, Atik Ali Pasa, Beylerbeyi, Hirka-i Serif, Kalenderhane, Kilic Ali Pasa, Laleli, Mahmud Pasa, Mihrimah Sultan, Nusretiye, Rüstem Pasa,  Sokullu Pasa, Sultan Selim, Sehzade, Valide etc.

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